I'm back in a full-time software development role at Konrad Group! I loved my time as an educator at Brainstation, but it really is great to be coding again.



Brainstation - Educator

2019 - current

As a full-time instructor at Brainstation, I was part of a dynamic education team that delivered a 12-week intensive bootcamp training program, for aspiring programmers. Students from very different backgrounds code everyday under supervision until they are ready to produce a capstone project using the knowledge they have acquired in the program. We teach the web development basics including: HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript. React, Server-side development using Express.

  • Achieved a perfect 5-star rating from students
  • Created and maintained an internal git repository for codealongs and demos
  • Assisted students in architecting capstone projects

Konrad Group - Software Developer

2018 - current

As a Toronto based digital agency, Konrad Group provides consulting services in strategy, design, and technology to our enterprise clients. As a Software Developer here, I work with different technologies and teams to develop a wide array of solutions for our clients.

  • Develop solutions for enterprise clients in small agile teams
  • Utilizing many different technologies to meet our project demands
  • Working with clients to develop the most robust solutions for any challenge

Lifemark - Software Developer


Lifemark is Canada's largest physiotherapy provider. As a developer, it was my responsibility to provide tech support for a single line of business. My tasks were varied, such as implementing and testing new features in the application, database administration, and monitoring the health of our applications and server infrastruture in MircoSoft Azure.

  • Database administration
  • Cloud Server management
  • Application Development
  • Project Management

SCI Marketview - Software Developer


SCIMarketview is a digital solutions company based in Markham, Ontario. As a member of their development team I was responsible for delivering tested, reliable, and secure software for their fleet of products supporting automotive dealerships in North America.

  • Improved test coverage and test run times to run on CI servers
  • Developed C# and AngularJS with a SQL Server database
  • Worked with agile teams to deliver work on an aggressive sprint cycle




I built this site with Gatsby, Contentful, Github, and Netlify. I can build your site and help you deploy it to any hosting service or cloud provider.



Your database is often the most important part of the software supply chain. I can help you keep your database manageable, performant, safe, and secure!


Source Control

I'm a big supporter of distributed version control systems, Git in particular. Although I have extensive experience with TFS, I would not use it again if I can help it.



I have experience developing in Monoliths, Microservices, and even Serverless. I can implement best practices in each of these popular systems with ease. I can also assist other developers in maintaining excellent code quality.


Responsive Design

These days screens come in various sizes, whether they bend, fold, or flex. I can help you curate a meaningful and impactful experience for your users on any device.



The world of security can be daunting and scary! I can help you stay up-to-date on the current trends and maintain those trust relationships that you have with your users.